Hanna Geer – Training and Development Coordinator


Meet Hanna Geer, our new Training and Development Coordinator! Hanna comes to us with a wealth of experience in training and development, having worked most recently as a Learning and Development Specialist for a major retailer. In her new role, Hanna will be responsible for developing and delivering training programs for Revenue Enterprises. Hanna brings eight years of experience in the Training and Development realm of call center work, focused on state and government health insurance. She is passionate and detail-oriented about helping employees feel comfortable and confident in the work they do.

In her new role, Hanna wants to unify all departments into one knowledge-based training system for ease of use and consistency. She wants to ensure that employees at Revenue Enterprises have the tools and information they need to succeed and have them readily available. In joining Revenue Enterprises, Hanna is most excited to be a resource for learning. She share’s the company’s passion and emphasis on empathy when interacting with clients and patients.

When Hanna is not developing next-level training programs, she’s still spending her time learning something new. “I’m a pretty low-key person, but I love learning. Trying out a new recipe at home and watching documentaries is where I can be found most of the time!”

We’re excited to welcome Hanna Geer as the latest addition to the Revenue Enterprises family!

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