You’re in the business of caring. So are we.


Our mission

By resolving receivables with compassion and clarity, Revenue Enterprises will lead the market in results, maximizing client recoveries and consumer satisfaction.

At Revenue Enterprises, our experts deliver proven accounts receivables solutions to healthcare organizations nationwide. Through an unexpected approach to billing and collections, we immerse ourselves in your healthcare mission and uphold your culture of care through every stage of the revenue cycle. Because we believe that uncommon compassion toward patients and uncompromising clarity in our processes provide the best possible outcomes for your organization and your patients.

What we believe

We operate on the principles of integrity, passion, and respect. Embodying these three simple words helps us set the standard in accounts receivable management services and deliver the best in outstanding patient experiences and results. They’re not just our founding values. They’re the foundation of our approach and our clients’ success.

Be your word

Do what you say you will when you say you will.

Be in communication

Keep others in the loop, communicate the status of your work, and deal with any issues urgently.

Resolve it now

Take every necessary step to answer all patient, consumer, or client questions the first time.

Inspire enthusiasm

Make every interaction in your day meaningful, memorable, uplifting, or inspiring. Go above and beyond to be helpful!

Be grateful

Express genuine appreciation and kindness to others.


Show your Team, your Leader, your Client, and your Patient that you truly care about getting things right and being helpful.

Differentiators you can count on

Customized workflow

Proprietary business analytics, flexible workflow strategies, and innovative collection techniques to complement your brand and initiatives.

Data integration

Bullet-proof EDI process with multi-level authentication, data encryption, and secure file transfer protocols, plus automated new business and transaction loads backed by regular reconciliation processes.

Continuous compliance

Detailed policies and procedures with ongoing employee training and refreshers in areas like:

  • HIPAA audited
  • CFPB
  • 501(r)
  • Red Flag Rules
  • Hi-Tech
  • TCPA
  • FCRA
  • SOC2 audited

Our Leadership Team

Timothy (Tim) Brainerd

Timothy (Tim) Brainerd


Kris Brumley, MBA

Kris Brumley, MBA


Douglas Dunbar

Douglas Dunbar

VP of Sales & Marketing

Robert Sterett

Robert Sterett

VP of Information Technology

Karie Bostwick

Karie Bostwick

VP of People and Compliance

Events we’re looking forward to


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