How to Ease Hospital Staffing Shortages & Strengthen Scheduling in One Easy Step


Why BPO services can help hospitals meet ongoing demand, schedule services accurately, and even streamline collections.

The U.S. healthcare labor crisis continues to make headlines, with 16% of American hospitals recently reporting critical staffing shortages. For many hospitals, these staffing gaps aren’t just happening among nurses and other frontline healthcare workers, but also within administrative and patient service departments. As hospitals seek new ways to lighten the staffing burden and keep serving patients ,business process outsourcing (BPO) services can provide a relatively simple and low-risk option .By outsourcing inbound and outbound calls and patient scheduling, hospitals can ensure their patient service teams are consistently staffed and appointments are correctly scheduled, every single day. Here are three primary benefits hospitals can expect from this type of BPO solution

“Today’s hospitals need innovative ways to meet ongoing demand in the midst of widespread staffing shortages.”

  1. Flexible, consistent staffing levels

    With highly trained, 100% remote call center professionals, you don’t have to worry about constantly training representatives, finding replacements, or dealing with shortages when inclement weather and other events take a toll on your patient support staff. The level of call center support can also be adjusted to your specific needs – remaining flexible with changes in your call volume over time.

  2. Accurate patient scheduling

    Your scheduling has to be correct to make the most of your physicians’ time, serve your patients effectively, and positively impact your bottom line. By outsourcing this task to a specialized and dedicated team of patient support representatives, you can be confident that every service is scheduled with the right provider, for the right amount of time. An effective and efficient BPO solution will also deliver appointment reminders to patients via outbound dialer, SMS, and email messages. This gives patients the opportunity to confirm appointments and also lets your team reallocate time slots when cancellations occur – helping increase operational efficiency.

  3. An increase in point of service collections

    By handling your inbound and outbound calls, an experienced third-party team of representatives can do more than just streamline the scheduling process for you and your patients. They can also bring the knowledge and tools required to collect pre-service payments like copays and other out-of-pocket costs. This is an option that can really help your AR days go down and boost your revenue. Using today’s smart IVR solutions, reps can access balance information, give patients the chance to pay by phone, and even offer ways for patients to set up payment plans.

    If your hospital is looking for ways to overcome staffing struggles while continuing to provide the best possible patient experience, a BPO service might be the right fit. If you would like to learn more about this, and many other revenue cycle management services Revenue Enterprises provides, contact

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