On-demand Webinar

How to Use X-data and
to Increase Patient Satisfaction (& Revenue)

The move to value-based care has kept healthcare organizations on their toes for the last several years. Now, the pressures and pitfalls of the global pandemic have heightened the need to deliver value to patients – with new service delivery models and innovative technologies to make it happen.

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What’s leading the transformation charge? Data.

In this webinar, we’ll talk about why your PFS team or healthcare facility must capture the right combination of operational and experiential data to thrive during this turbulent era – and for years to come. We’ll point to the proven frameworks and technologies you need to:

  • Drive better patient experiences
  • Make informed, strategic decisions
  • Maintain a robust revenue stream
Presented by:

Kory Eller

Director of Performance Optimization

Revenue Enterprises

Susan Haufe, CPXP

Chief Industry Advisor, Healthcare