What Patient Financial Services Teams Can Learn from Disney


Creating a patient experience that improves patient payments

Ever wish your patient billing process could produce a consistent series of happily-ever-afters? Resolution and peace of mind for patients. Encouragement for your patient financial services (PFS) employees. And increased revenue for your organization.

Constantly changing healthcare complexities and rising out-of-pocket costs for patients can make this “dream come true” feel like a fantasy for today’s PFS professionals. But a better patient experience is possible.

Watch our free on-demand webinar to learn how Disney crafts a magical customer experience and how those same principles can be integrated with your PFS team. You’ll hear from our very own Kris Brumley and Diane Lawson, CPXP, Associate Director of Patient Services and Training at University of Colorado Medicine. They’ll be sharing practical and inspiring insight on how to:

  • Build a healthy team culture
  • Define your purpose
  • Empathetically engage with your patients

Because when you improve the patient experience, you improve patient payments.


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What Patient Financial Services Teams Can Learn from Disney

A free, on-demand webinar about creating a patient experience that improves patient payments.