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What Healthcare Providers Need to Know About Reg F and the No Surprises Billing Act

In this free on-demand webinar, our compliance experts discuss what these new regulations might mean for your healthcare organization and explain how to spot gaps in your billing process. They’ll also provide tips on ways you can leverage these new regulations to reduce paperwork, increase patient satisfaction and referrals, and protect your bottom line.

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So, how can your organization stay compliant under these new rules?

Attorney Michael Klutho and compliance management expert Karie Bostwick have helped healthcare organizations through impactful changes in billing before. They’re here with the most up-to-date information, practical tips that you can implement in your billing processes, and forecasts for the future. In this live webinar, they’ll show you how to:

  • Avoid disputes, loss of revenue, and increased overhead
  • Ensure regulatory compliance while meeting patient experience expectations
  • Simplify the compliance process through the right tools, partnerships, and procedures
Presented by:

Karie Bostwick

VP, of People and Compliance

Revenue Enterprises

Michael Klutho

Attorney, MSBA Certified Civil Trial Senior Specialist

Bassford Remele

*The information in this “goodbye letter” template is intended for guidance. Using this template does not guarantee adherence to new regulations under No Surprises and Regulation F.