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Reimagining the Patient Journey with 5 Pre-service Collection Tools

In this free white paper, discover everything you need to set up a pre-service and point-of-service collections strategy for your organization.

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How to boost your revenue cycle by moving payments forward in the patient journey with pre-service and point-of-service collections strategies

The healthcare industry has been changing for years, and hopefully, your organization is changing to meet new demands from your consumers. Consumers’ needs are shining a light on shortcomings in the healthcare industry, which is why many forward-thinking healthcare organizations have started shifting their payment strategies. Rather than relying on collecting after treatment, many organizations have moved payments forward in the patient journey, incorporating pre-service and point-of-service collections. Embrace pre-service and digital engagement strategies to realize:

  • Lower engagement costs and better attendance rates
  • A reduction in bad debt
  • A significant improvement in the odds you collect on accounts

Shifting to a new collections model starts with a solid strategy and having the right tools in place. This white paper will explain how you can do it in your organization.