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Reimagining the Patient Journey with 5 Pre-service Collection Tools

For the last several years, healthcare has shifted more toward consumer-friendly experiences—effortless ways to communicate, make an appointment, pay bills. This shift means healthcare organizations need to adjust to keep revenue flowing.

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How can healthcare organizations stay on top? By using pre-service strategies

Leading healthcare organizations know to thrive in a consumer-oriented reality, they need to transform their revenue cycle and implement pre-service and point-of-service collections. This webinar will show you how and why you should roll out a robust pre-service collections strategy. We’ll detail the strategies and tools you need to:

  • Start pre-service and POS payments
  • Increase patient satisfaction
  • Improve your revenue cycle metrics
Presented by:

Kris Brumley

SVP, Chief Operating Officer

Revenue Enterprises

Howard Bright

VP, Patient Engagement